The WildLife of Autism

About Austin

Austin Orelli is a young adult with autism.  His biggest struggle is communication. He has a difficult time expressing himself verbally in a way that is easily understood. Even though he has autism and delays with language, these things do not define him.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and loves to tell jokes.  While his intelligence may not shine in a classroom setting, Austin researches and memorizes animals from all over the world. He loves to travel and see new places, especially where he can be a self proclaimed "animal explorer".  If you meet him during his travels or even in his daily life he will introduce himself as Austin Neil Orelli, the famous artist.  He will also tell you to, "Smile, it's a beautiful day!"  Austin graduated high school in 2012 and in addition to art he is volunteering at PetCo, Reptiland and LAPS (a cat rescue shelter).  He has big dreams for himself and the future and now that he is getting older he considers himself a business man and is always coming up with new ideas for his business.