The WildLife of Autism

About us

The WildLife of Autism, LLC is a small family run business.  It all started several years ago when Austin Orelli, who is a young adult now, began bringing home amazing drawing and paintings that he was creating. One aspect of autism is that they have a difficult time expressing emotion or recognizing correct emotions in others.  You will see that Austin uses his paintings and drawings as a palate to express what he feels and the love he sees around him daily.  He paints and draws only animals, mostly exotic, because this is where his true passion lies.  He has a wonderful connection with animals and I am sure this is why he can bring them to life so beautifully on paper.

Jane Orelli, Austin's mother, decided to take these pictures and make prints and notecards.  We had such a great reception with his art that we decided to expand into a business.  Now Jane and Tiffany Fuller, Austin's sister, run the business and try to come up with new ideas for what he creates.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!